One day a pilot crashed in the woods.

“What will I do?” he thought.

He started walking with a broken arm.  Suddenly, a grizzly bear approached.  He shouted and fainted.

When he woke up, he was in a cabin.  A pesky fly buzzed around him.  He lay on a hard bed.  Suddenly, a man came.

“Don’t worry.  I shot the grizzly.  I brought you to my home.  A rescue helicopter is on its way here.” he said.

The pilot was saved!


  1. What an adventure! This makes me wonder what will happen to him next. Who’s that man? What is he doing in the deep woods? What will he do with the grizzly hide? Maybe you can write another chapter.


    1. The man’s name is Luke. I think I will write more chapters and put them in a big book of Luke Adventures.
      He might use the grizzly hide in other adventures.



  2. I love your story about a pilot who faced a grizzly and a plane crash and how you said that you said that your brother was the pilot!


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