February 2021

One day a pilot crashed in the woods. “What will I do?” he thought. He started walking with a broken arm.  Suddenly, a grizzly bear approached.  He shouted and fainted. […]

I am screaming, yelling, jumping, talking, walking, hopping, exercising, and leaping with joy because I am so happy thinking about fishing!  It all started when my brother gave me in […]

I walked into the woods, and I came back screaming! It all started when I decided to walk into the woods.  I didn’t go far at all.  I trudged around […]

One of My Heroes:  My Dad

One of My Heroes:  My Dad My dad is a chore-doing hero.  He continuously does chores and picks up things for us.  He sets the table without being asked.  He […]

I’m Talking Fancy! (a thesaurus poem)   I’m talking fancy! I’m talking rich! I’m talking elegant, embellished! I’m talking classy, adorned, gaudy! I’m talking ostentatious, showy, intricate, lavish! I’m talking […]