Me, California, and the Gold Rush

I was walking home after work one morning, when I saw a poster.  “Gold in California,” it said.

I quickly decided to go to California!  I thought I could make a fortune off of sellin’ minin’ tools to miners.  So I packed my bags, and with lots o’ mining tools, I set out by land a week later.

I planned to use the Oregon Trail to get there.  Nothing happened on my trip to California, and when I got there seven months later in 1849, I immediately set up my stand, and before you could say “Gold Rush” in Latin, I was sellin’ tools.

Business was boomin’ when I wanted to try pannin’ for gold.  I closed the shop for a day, and I took a pan and left.  I went to. the stream, and for hours I panned for gold in the cold water.  Found nothin’.  I was pretty bummed about that.  So when I got home, I went right to bed.

The next day, I decided mining just wasn’t for me.  So I went to my usual work o’ sellin’ minin’ tools.

By the end of the Gold Ruch, I was very wealthy, so I decided to settle in Sacramento.  I lived the rest of my life a wealthy merchant.

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