Ode to My Lovely Microwave

Ode to My Lovely Microwave

(a playful poem)


My lovely microwave,

How you make me laugh.

You make my eyes fill with tears

The minute you are in my sight.

Microwave, oh, microwave!

You make my day joyful.

I don’t care if you roast foods alive,

Please let me spend my life with you.

I adore you, my little roaster of foods.

Since our love for each other is so great,

I will not hide my true feelings for you.

I think you are very, very, very heavy,

And that you cruelly roast poor, innocent bystanders.

Like how you snatched my corn.

Now because of you,

My little innocent corn is popcorn.

But my love for my popcorn is great,

So now I am going to my amazing popcorn.



My no-longer-lovely microwave.

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