Walking in a Summer Wonderland

I am screaming, yelling, jumping, talking, walking, hopping, exercising, and leaping with joy because I am so happy thinking about fishing!  It all started when my brother gave me in my Christmas stocking a freshwater fishing guide.  I was thrilled because I love fishing, and to top that off, I got a fishing rod!  I was excited even more when my dad got me a minnow trap!

I found information in my awesome fishing guide about crappie and carp fish.  I was so excited to catch carp because carp are really big.  I also was excited to catch crappie because some of them are bluish, and blue is my favorite color.  Crappie eat minnows.

I have had other fishing adventures.  Once I caught a seagull on a fishing line.  I was deep sea fishing, and a seagull swooped down and tried eating the mackerel head I was using for bait.  The hook was stuck in its beak!  I suddenly found myself reeling in a seagull.  An adult I was fishing with unhooked the hook from the seagull’s beak.

I can’t wait to go fishing again.

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  1. I really really like your poem what’s your favorite fishing spot?I really like fishhook but sadly it’s in South Africa and is the coldest part of the sea which finally has been warmed by the sun.🐋🐳🐟🐠🌊💧💦🥇


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